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Nav Bch Solo with wave_right placement_s


Oh, hey there!

Hi! 👋🏾


Drew + Misty Rae here.


I’m a pilot. She’s in hospitality. We live on Navarre Beach. 

So – we got tired of sifting through "local" gear at the Tom Thumb (no offense, love you NB Thumb!) and Walmart.


After a few beers at Juana's, NAV BCH® was a no-brainer.

And now here we are…


Obsessed with the salt+sun of Navarre Beach.


Stoked to show our pride. 


And not totally sure what this is… 


but help us find out by dropping us a line! 🤙🏾


- Drew + Misty Rae

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Holla! We'll be reaching out soon

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